Riot, Cultural Heritage Keeping Activities 10th Anniversary Event

Riot Games celebrates its 10th anniversary of the ‘Cultural Heritage Keeper’ activity for its representative PC MOB (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) Game ‘League of Legends (LOL)’ for Korean players of Korean players, ‘The Gift of Shake’ will be held.

Shake is a LOL champion who is loved by Korean players, and is called ‘Korean secret weapons’ in other regions such as North America. In the meantime, Riot Games launched the ‘Pinwheel Shake’ skin that reflects Korean culture in 2012, and donated the six-month sales revenue of the skin to Korea’s cultural heritage. This is the reason why Riot Games is celebrating the 10th anniversary of ‘Cultural Heritage Keeping’ activities.

This event is composed of the concept of distributing custom gifts to players who participated in Riot Games’ protection activities for Riot Games.

The player who has quizzed Riot Games’ cultural property guardian activities at the LOL client during the event period is given a ‘new wind shake’ icon who wrote Tahoe Mask. As Riot Games’ projects and foreign cultural assets, which have succeeded in returning, are quiz, it will be an event that gains special icons and affection for cultural heritage. In addition, for players who enjoyed the summoner’s canyon and rank mode, according to the cumulative play time, ▲ Expression of new winds shake emotions (5 hours) ▲ luxury box, magic key (10 hours) ▲ Random skin debris (20 hours) It is given as.

Special SNS events are also held. After following the official LOL Instagram, the player who made three lines as ‘Cultural Property’ or ‘Keeper’ will be given one of the ‘Crime City Nightmare Shake’ and ‘Star Shake’ skin. Riot Games will also show additional social events for players.

Riot Games, the general manager of the GUI Yang Social Reduction, said, Riot Games has been able to continue its Korean cultural heritage protection for the past 10 years thanks to all players who have participated in all actions. We will continue to move.


For more information about this event, please visit the League of Legends official website.

On the other hand, Riot Games has signed a sponsorship agreement with the Cultural Heritage Administration since 2012 to protect and support Korean cultural heritage. Through this, the company has received great attention by supporting six overseas cultural assets, such as the royal relics ‘HBO Mung Sebangbongbong Mukluk’ and ‘Book’.

In addition, Riot Games ▲ Youth History Class and Camp (more than 5,300 cumulative participants as of June 2022) ▲ Conservation and management support for the four palaces and royal tombs ▲ 3D precision survey projects such as Seoul Mun mun Temple and Sungkyunkwan ▲ It continues the ‘Korean Cultural Heritage Protection and Support Project’ through various methods such as support for preservation and management of modern cultural ruins.

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