FF14 de could might-collective

The next DOG collection will happen in Last Fantasy 14 from December 12, 2022.
This is a unique event at which you can gather the allergic stones of creation and then exchange for rates at unique dealers.
The prices can be uncommon mounts, such as the albino careful, which otherwise just existed for involvement in the reconstruction of Asgard, or the unique Amazon search fabric.
FF14: The DOG collection die Allergic stones of creation (1) Source: Square Enix

Find the allergic stones of development?

But where do you get the sought after allergic stones of production from?
Throughout the occasion, involvement in certain activities is rewarded with these stones
Which these are, is marked with a special sign in the material search.
For the sake of summary, we wish to note all the material again and what benefits you will get for this.
Dun Saith: 7 stones
Ca strum meridianum pretorium: 7 stones
The city of tears: 5 stones
PVP adhesive canyon: 5 or 3 stones
Pvp-Onsal Harare: 5 or 3 stones
PVP field of honor: 5 or 3 stones
Pvp-Robbenholm: 5 or 3 stones
Overgrown ruins: 5 or 3 stones
Palatal (heavy): 4 stones
Brill vols Language (heavy): 4 stones
Ca strum meridianum outside area: 4 stones
Nothing Arch: 3 stones
Port Demand: 3 stones
The fixed Deal: 3 stones
Saw shouting: 3 stones
Sunken temple from Earn: 3 stones
Battle on the Eugene Bridge: 2 stones
Reach in the ruins: 2 stones
Battle on the big bridge: 2 stones.


As quickly as you have actually gathered enough allergic stones of development, you can exchange them for rates at the taking a trip movies.
You can find this in the 3 capitals Lisa Louisa (lower deck x9.4 y11.6), Neu-Gridania (X12.4 Y12.1) and UL’ day (Neil crossing X9.6 Y9.1).

The present DOG collection is set up to advance December 12, 2022, to the start of Spot 6.3.
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