3 Biathlon Athletes Who Disappointingly Dropped Out of the World Cup

The biathlon is a challenging winter sport, but it’s even more difficult to be a biathlete in the World Cup. The participants must go through countless races and contests before they can finally enter the world cup.

While the outstanding Norwegian Johannes Thingies BO commemorated his 4th season success in series with the success in the persecution, Benedict Doll completed 18th as the very best German.
The sprint-14.

Had to run 4 charge rounds on Sunday and after 12.5 kilometers 2: 30.8 minutes behind the five-time Olympic champion BO, who also shot twice.
Third location protected his compatriot Stella Hold Agreed (2 errors/+ 47.9 seconds), third world champ Emilia Jacqueline (3/+ 1: 13.9 minutes) from France.
I made it lying unnecessarily difficult. It is just the little things that do not fit which I still have to work on, stated Doll on ZDF.

Na wrath is experiencing debacle at the first standing shooting

The sprint-ninth Justus Strew concerned the surface after 3 extra rounds., Roman Sees (4) as 36th, straight followed by Johannes Kuhn (6).
David Nobel (2) was 42nd and Philipp Na wrath (7), who missed out on all five pieces at the first stand, ended the race to position 54.


The protégés of national coach Mark Kirchner ended the second season World Cup with a podium, the season ran 3rd on Saturday.

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