Danger For Customers: Phishing Fraud Camouflages Itself As A DM. Brazen Mesh: Fake Competitions Or Ad

Brazen mesh: fake competitions or advertisements lead people behind the light.
This is currently also about potential DM customers.
Dortmund-Whether fake emails on Amazon, which block the account or data on DHL customers: the Internet is full of phishing fraudsters.
The criminals are going on with brazen stitches.


A wrong click and you are a victim of a phishing attack.
Because the fakes look deceptively real.
But what can happen in the worst case?

Phishing fraudsters want to attract numerous DM customers to the trap and steal data

Phishing fraudsters aim to collect confidential data and financial information.
If you tap into the trap of the fakes, evil can end.
Data abuse, theft of money-even entire companies can be paralyzed.
The DM customer is exposed to such a cyber risk (more digital news at ).
The well-known drugstore chain DM had to publish warnings several times.
Now the editorial team has discovered another DM phishing fraud.
The fraudulent side is supposed DM advertising.
It spreads on social networks such as YouTube or Instagram.
But what exactly is the unscrupulous phenomenon?

fake competitions are disguised as a DM advertising: observing before phishing attacks

On the one hand, the web address of the DM fake is very suspicious.
Now it is said that before the URL: Binjetztdabei.de.
On the other hand, the page calls directly to leave private data after clicking.
In the following words, the fraudsters try to put their victims in:
Another indication is the supposed way to become a product tester.
If you compare the fake page with the official information from DM for testing the products, it becomes clear: The scammers’ process of recruiting testers has nothing to do with the real DM course of course.
At the request of, DM commented on the current case.

The DM company comments on the fraud product tester on the Internet

The DM company looks very surprised by the current phishing fraud.
With regard to the numerous counterfeits on the Internet, it is expressed how important it is to be informed about fakes:

In recent years, competitions, raffles or actions are always in circulation that are apparently from DM-Drogerie Market.
This is not a new phenomenon, and we hope that our customers will not be put off.
Customers can find competitions from DM-Drogerie Market without exception on our social media channels, competition cards, in the Valverde magazine or at www.dm.de/neu/gewinnpiele.

Sebastian Bayer-DM managing director for the marketing + procurement department
The phenomenon is widespread.
The company already gives tips against the fake competitions online.

It is best to recognize the phishing attacks by taking a look at the website.
URL, contact person, imprint, contact options and conditions of participation often seem to be suspicious.
They should be compared to the official dm.de information (more about warnings at ).
Rubric list picture: © Lobe ca/Felix Colitis/Imago;
Metasearch LBRF/Otaraev74/Imago;
Collage: Sabrina Wagner/

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