Bela Rethy Says Goodbye After The Last Game: It Was A Great Honor

Hungarian world-famous football player Bela Retry said goodbye after the last game of his professional career. It was a great honor for me to be part of this game, he said before the match.


Bela Retry said farewell to the audience after the last game of his expert career.
I more than happy when it liked it as well as sorry to those that I might not get to, said the ZDF commentator at the end of the live broadcast of the Globe Mug semi-final between France as well as Morocco (2-0): It was
me, dear spectators, definitely an excellent, wonderful honor. Bye and adios.
Co-commentator Sandro Wagner also applauded Retry after the video game of the game: You have experienced everything and also have always held to yourself, you never ever take yourself also important. From my heart: We can learn a great deal from you and your generation. Thank you model, thanks
Legend, dear Bela!
Retry, that commemorated his 66th birthday on Wednesday, is officially retired at the end of the year.

In his television job, he went along with three Globe Mugs last (2002, 2010, 2018) as well as three EM finals (1996, 2004, 2012) on the microphone.
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I would like 5 to 6 goals, claimed Retry prior to the game: I hope that the game will certainly still more than after 90 mins, also if it misbehaves for the allocation. That we still have a mug of peppermint tea
to obtain.

Co-commentator Sandro Wagner additionally commended Retry after the game of the video game: You have experienced everything and have constantly continued to be real to yourself, you never take on your own too important. From my heart: We can find out a lot from you and also your generation. Thank you version, thank you

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