Genshin Impact: Player recreates letters from The Sacred Call of the Seven in Real Life

The Genshin Impact community is full of creative fans just waiting for an opportunity to put all talent into practice.
Users have been surprised several times by the content created by other fans, which are worthy of productions developed by Hoovers, as is the case with the letters of the Sacred Called of the Seven reproduced in real life.
The new game mode is available from version 3.3, based on strategies for the choices of the best cards to form combos, synergies and reactions, as well as the game is already proposed in combat and team combinations.


The dynamics of mode are nothing new to players, but the differentiated format, with personalized cards with well-known figures in East’s universe.
In addition to being able to battle friends and NPCs, the way also encourages players to participate in missions to collect the best deck.
The sacred call of the seven is the new sensation among the community and joined fame with the talent of a game’s lovely, who decided to replicate the letters in real life.
User U/Soul ravenous published in Reddit his creation, the artist developed his own card format printed them along with the elemental data.
Among the chosen letters you can see a strategy and the character of Katherine, Disc and Kaaba.

The result is nothing less than impressive by the quantities of detail.
After seeing the realistic content it is impossible not to want to have all the physical deck of the TCG.
It can be said that Hoovers is losing a good extra product, which should be placed in circulation as soon as possible.
Since the game worked so well online, inging it to reality easily would like players to have even closer contact with RPG and be able to play with friends anytime away from screens.
It could still function as a good advertising for the game as it would have a chance to attract the attention of people from outside the community.

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