DC Contradicts Fans Who Believe The Reeve Superman and Keatons Batman Arent Part Of The Same Universe

DC remains immersed in an internal chaos in relation to the continuity of its universes beyond its current adaptations to the cinema, demonstrated by the company’s lt occurrence.
So much so, that from the publishing house itself it h been ensured that both the Superman of Christopher Reeve (also known Superman ’78) and Michael Keaton’s Batman (also known Batman ’89) belong to the same universe.
And such h been the stir caused among fans, who have already rushed to provide evidence that dissembled said statement.

The DC swings and its multiverse

Thus, this statement of DC arrives through the Dark Crisis comic: Big Bang in which Flh shares information collected from different lands of the multiverse following its multiverse trips.


And it is precisely the note collected on Earth 789 that h awakened all alarms;
He says: Superman and Super girl are the only heroes with powers of the earth.

Batman’s parents were killed by the Joker (Superman ’78, Batman ’89).
And beyond ratifying the connection between the most clsic cinematographic versions of Superman and Super girl, so far the Batman of Michael Keaton had never been mentioned in the same equation.
And there have been few DC fans who have already affirmed that this continuity does not make any meaning.
And the reon is none other than the crossover crisis in infinite lands of the Arrow verso.
In any ce, DC could only refer to the Superman 1978 and Batman 1989 comics, since the first is the direct sequel to Richard Donner’s original film, while the second arrived a sequel to Batman returns, separated works from the Live Multiverse-
Although everything gets much more embroidered if we take into account that we can consider Batman sequela returns adaptations such Batman Forever, the crossover itself in infinite lands and the next The Flh, without apparent connections between all of them.

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