Xbox Aúpan High On Life, Squanch Games Sleeping Games h not made criticism much, but it seems to have enchanted

High on Life is that type of game that, long, faces criticism and public regarding its quality.
In Metacritic, the Squinch Games game h an average of 68 on PC and 63 in Xbox Series.
H that translated into a commercial failure?
You just have to see the note that users give on that same page: 7.8 on PC and an 8.2 in series.

The Bonanz gun h earned the little heart of the players

High on Life is also one of those games that h benefited from Game Ps.
If the public had bed on the notes of the specialized press, this could have had an impact on their sales.
The one who w freely accessible at the Xbox service since day one h allowed everyone to try it without fear.
And mouth-to-mouth h made the rest.


The Twitter publication of a list of the most popular titles in Game Ps put High on Life in first position, tweet that w shared by the developer’s own page.
There are no official data, but seemed to confirm the good health of the game by confirming that he w in the 5 of the best-selling and in the 3 of the most played.
Of course, we appreciate the verbiage of the game of the always great Justin Round (Rick and Morty).
His gun is a non-stop of clicks that play with the limits of the methanarrative, and an important effort h also been made because his world is equally rich in hilarious content.
Pure freshness that is to be celebrated.

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