Elden Ring: Will The Upcoming DLC Finally Give Fans What They Want? Everything We Know So Far

Elected 2022 game, Elden Ring will complete a year very soon.
Since then, production fans have finished it… several times the most unusual ways possible.
They now eagerly await the arrival of a DLC featuring new areas, creatures, characters, missions and more.
And apparently we have good news for the worried tarnished: huge additional content would indeed be on the from-Sounding calendar.

A considerable DLC for Elden Ring?

The information comes to us through Lance McDonald, a very respectable data miner in the scenario.
In the past, he leaked the arrival of the Coliseums, which now allow players to compete in PVP/EVE.
Lance is, therefore, familiar with FromSoftware production and regularly reveals important information about the game.
This time he wrote on a Discord server saying that a DLC is under development.


According to him, the additional content would be huge.
The data miner adds that he knows nothing specific about DLC: neither his gameplay, nor his missions, nor his plot.

The only thing he is sure is that it will be substantial and can add several hours of play to Elden Ring.

Two new maps?

It was last October that Lance McDonald shared part of his discovery in the networks.
In Elden Ring files, the data miner could see the mention of two unpublished maps that are not available.
In addition, Lance McDonald described these two maps as huge as well.
This adjective that strongly reminds us of the one used to describe the DLC to come.
Could these two new maps be part of this additional content?
Anyway, McDonald’s Lance findings have not yet been confirmed by FromSoftware and Elden Ring fans will have to have a little more patience before knowing whether a DLC will actually see the light of day on intermediate lands or not.
During the Game Awards 2022 ceremony, in which Elden Ring won the game title of the year, the production director had hinted that the players had not finished everything the game would have to offer because several things are yet to come.
So what is from-fromSoftware reserved for the tarnish in 2023?
If data miner’s statements are true and a substantial DLC is really planned, it can revive the hype around production and why not allow Souls franchise lovers to discover a little more about Elden Ring mythology.

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