Fire Emblem Heroes: The Ultimate Guide To Getting The Best Out Of Your Random Number Generator

It is well known that Fire Emblem Heroes players are in the grip of random numbers’ generator.

Many players boast of impressive barracks full of 5 stars, which they stretch almost immediately, while others can be called and called, showing almost nothing.
However, if the player receives bad first few calls, there is no reason not to transfer.
This leadership can also be useful for a new player or for those who returned to the game after a long break.

how to make resell in Fire Emblem Heroes

After you played the game and received several undesirable first calls, the easiest way to beat into Fire Emblem Heroes is to simply delete and reinstall the game.
After starting a new account, follow the following actions to try to improve the barracks.
Pass training.
Complete the prologue.
Go to the main screen and accept all the awards (to date, the player should have 30-34 balls).
Call the banners that give either free calls or calls that require tickets.
Go to the desired banner (the legendary banner to achieve the best results) and call with the initial collected areas.
After that, if the desired hero was not called, delete the game and transfer again.

Best characters for Fire Emblem Heroes

With the reveal, players should look for strong 5-star units.
If they are legendary heroes, this is even better, since they can score many points in the arena and the like.
However, contrary to widespread opinion, free units, which the player can go through the history and path of heroes, are actually strong enough to go through most of the game content.
In particular, players definitely want to get these heroes as early as possible:
Air: A strong offensive unit with a rapid sparrow and good rebuffs from her weapons.
Ion: A dancer who can improve the characteristics of his allies.
Peel: A very tenacious beast that becomes stronger if it is next to its allies.
AIK: A tank infantry with weapons, which can counterattack regardless of distance.
Reinhardt: A strong magic cavalry with a brave folio (weapons that can deliver a double blow).

What to do first in Fire Emblem Heroes?

Fire Emblem Heroes has a lot of content into which the player can immerse himself.
This can become a little overwhelming, but with a new file the player will probably not have the best units to score many points in the arena, etheric raids or any other really complex content.
At the same time, it is best to focus on the plot cards.
To achieve the best results, players must go through the first chapter of each book in the main story.
This will give the player access to strong free units (for example, the first chapter of the book 3 gives Air).


The only exception is AIK, which can be found in Monologue 3 in the Analogues section, and Reinhardt, who can be obtained in the way of heroes.
When the player collects spheres, it is most reasonable to save them for legendary banners.
This gives players more likely to get 5 stars, but generally gives access to strong heroes.
As soon as the player receives a strong 5-star pool along with worthy feed for skills, then he can think about the arena, etheric raids and all competitive content.
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