Company of Heroes 3: Exploring The Power Of The Deutsches Afrikakorps

A month after presenting us with the British forces in an in-depth video, the designers of Antique Entertainment welcome us this time to harp on the Deutsche Afrikaners and its Arsenal Dares and Ultra Effective lorries, which permitted them to shine on the
North African Front during the Second World War.
Clearly, it will be playable in the game, solo as multiplayer, and players who tend for aggressiveness will have the ability to set their sights on it.
It needs to be said that there is a beautiful synergy in between its specialized infantry and its fleet of armored vehicles, in specific the half-track which enables to quickly deploy its soldiers, practical to act quickly.

There are also the Panzer III and Tiger Tank tanks, but also the anti-tank Flak 36 88 mm cannons which are death vehicles.
The infantry is not to be outdone either with the Italian Gustatory who have lethal flame launchers, as is Italian Combined Arms Battleground which can control the self-propelled cannon DA 75/18.
Finally, remains Infantries Elite Bersaglieri which constantly moves with their light tank Carry Amato M13/40, extremely effective for lightning strikes.

The release of Business of Heroes 3 is expected for February 23 on PC.


The console variations will get here later in the year.

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