Wonder Woman: A Symbol of Female Representation in the DCU Since 1942

Wonder Woman is the most iconic super heroin of all time.
The definitive heroine admiring the little girls, has been a lighthouse for representation since its presentation in sensation comics in 1942. Wonder Woman obtained its own television program in the 1970s and then became the first super heroine in leading
Your own program.
Film in the 2010.
But, although it is an inspiration for comics who love girls, their stories have not always been spectacular.
Some are products of their time that may have worked when they were written, but they no longer work.
Others were simply bad when they were written.
And many of these stories will never come to the movie in the next James Gun movie.
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8 Wonder Woman: Secretary of the Society of Justice of America

The Society of Justice of America was the precursor of the Justice League of America.
Unlike the Justice League that welcomed Wonder Woman as a full-time member, the Justice Society was an old club.

The creators of All Star Comics decided to become a member of honor by asking him to be the secretary of society.


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Everything about this story is disappointing.
Wonder Woman is one of the strongest comics heroes that DC has created.
At the time of Superman and Green Lantern, it is much more powerful than most other heroes…

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